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Significance of Promise Rings and Mothers Rings

Many people know about the wedding rings, engagement rings but do not know much about promise rings and mothers’ rings. You would be amazed to know what the two of these rings mean and how they would mean to the carriers. To begin with, a mother’s ring tends to constitute mothers family. The mother stone comes with one birthstone or several of birthstones to represent children or grandchildren. A mother may have a mothers ring with the essence of signifying a living child or even a deceased one. One for example, may opt to buy a mothers ring to a woman who acted as a mother to him or her. Some sellers tend to sell mothers rings with simulated stones while others tend to sell with authentic ones. A ring with 2 stone mothers ring means that the mother in question is a mother to two while a 3 stone mothers ring signifies a mother to three children. You would also need to know of engraved promise rings even as you search for the best.

A mothers ring tends to speak loud even as one is silent. It would be possible for one to have a ring that would retain its shine for years. You would have easy time having your wife, mother or even a friend. Typically, a mothers ring tends to be worn on the right-hand ring finger and tends not to be stacked together with non-valuable rings. One would also need to note that mothers will have a mothers ring with other treasurable rings such as the engagement ring and the wedding ring.

On the other hand, one would need to know what a promise ring means. From a romantic perspective, a promise ring is a pre-engagement ring that signifies purity, celibacy as well as commitment to a loved one. Among the common promises bound together by the promise rings include friendship. In the same manner, one can have a promise ring to symbolize monogamy.

In some instances, a parent would give a promise ring to a daughter or a son to promise that he or she will remain pure. One for example can use such a ring to the parent to signify that he or she will retain purity till marriage. In some instances, a promise ring can be used to pledge that one will not engage in drugs and substance abuse. In the same manner, one can use a promise ring to make a promise to himself or herself or even use it in place of an engagement ring.

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